Extensive track record in global
carbon markets

Since 2005, our team has evaluated over
300 carbon projects around the globe. We have
invested in 25 projects, which equates to ~65M
tonnes of carbon credits.

Global demand for voluntary carbon credits could increase by a factor of 15 by 2030 and a factor of 100 by 2050

In the net-zero economy, carbon removal & storage will take center-stage in the carbon markets and will be accompanied by further development of the voluntary and regulatory carbon markets.


Nature-based solutions could account for 65-85% of total supply potential by 2030

Government imposed cap and trade programs have failed to achieve necessary reductions targets.

These emitters need to acquire “high-fidelity” credits to avoid reputational risk, yet there are a limited number of high-fidelity nature based solution projects to pursue.


Source: McKinsey – A Blueprint for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets to Meet the Climate Challenge; McKinsey – Putting Carbon Markets to Work on the Path to Net Zero. 

Extensive Track Record in Global Carbon Markets timeline

SINCE 2005, THE Climate 8 TEAM HAS EVALUATED OVER 300 CARBON PROJECTS. We have invested in 25 projects ~65M tonnes of carbon credits.

PRE - 2005

Walle with Accenture and Paulo is head of trading desk for Cocoa at Cargill

2005 - 2008

Walle and Paulo began working together at BHP

2005 - 2013

Direct sales to major emitters, and one of the few non-Japanese entities selling into Japan:

2011 - 2015

Additional sales to climate boutiques and brokers, Green Choice and Carbon Trade Exchange (Xpansive)


Paulo and Walle founded ForestEffect Fund, an investment firm with a strong focus on sustainable agri-commodity value chains


Capital markets expertise


Marc co-founds Tudou, which was ultimately sold to Alibaba for $5B


Marc and Sean launch Canada’s first registered Bitcoin fund (TSX: QBTC) and co-found North America’s largest Bitcoin miner Hut 8 (TSX: HUT).


Hut 8 goes public raising $100M+ in proceeds.